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Oil Well Pump Jack

Effortless Remote Monitoring & Automation
Control at Your Fingertips

We specialize in delivering cutting-edge remote monitoring and control services tailored to meet the needs of diverse sectors. Our expertise encompasses Oil and Gas SCADA, Water and Waste Water SCADA, Gas Measurement Instrumentation, and Automation Consulting. Leveraging advanced technology, we offer an array of products and services designed to enhance operational efficiency and decision-making. Our solutions are characterized by their ease of use, real-time oversight, and comprehensive features including custom dashboards, production calculations, reporting, alarming, and historical data analysis. Whether it's for industrial, municipal, or environmental applications, our goal is to empower our clients with the tools and insights needed for optimal resource management and future-proof operations.

Our Solutions

Oil and Gas SCADA

Our easy-to-use oilfield remote monitoring & control service that can be implemented quickly and affordably.  Get data from any asset into our desktop and mobile app that allows customers to make highly informed decisions, and optimize their field operations!  Trinity O&G is a fully featured platform with custom dashboards, daily production calculations, reporting, alarming, remote control, historical data and more. 

Water and Waste Water SCADA

Discover the future of water and wastewater management. Our intuitive, easy-to-use remote monitoring and control system offers real-time oversight, empowering you with immediate control and data-driven insights. Designed specifically for the unique challenges of smaller communities, these solutions ensure efficient resource management, enhanced sustainability, and future-proof technology, all at your fingertips.

Gas Measurement

Browse our gas measurement products including: h2s analyzers, oxygen analyzers, replacement oxygen sensors and liquid & gas filtration. Our oxygen sensors are direct drop-in replacements for common brands like AMI, AII, Teledyne, GE, Maxtec, IT Gambert, & more.

Automation Consulting

Reach out to us for comprehensive contract SCADA services, specialized in both oilfield and municipal automation. We offer expert troubleshooting and control solutions to enhance your operational efficiency. Our team is equipped to handle a wide range of challenges, providing you with tailored support for your unique automation and control needs. Whether it's refining your existing systems or addressing specific technical issues, we're here to ensure seamless and effective management of your operations.

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