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Trinity Remote Monitoring & Control

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Trinity is a brand of Instrumentation Service Group that provides solutions for upstream oil and gas companies to gather information from the field, optimize their operations, and impact company culture through assistive automation.  We utilize wireless telemetry, instrumentation, edge computing, software integrations, and problem-solving expertise to make that happen.  Data plays a vital role in upstream oil and gas operations and it will help you make quick and highly informed decisions. Trinity helps optimize production & storage, transportation, and also improves worker safety.


By gathering data in these areas companies can reduce costs, increase production, and improve safety. This ultimately leads to easier and more profitable operations. 

Download our app "Trinity O&G" in the Google Playstore & App Store


Monitoring & Control

We provide stand-alone instrumentation cellular devices, wireless telemetry, and hard-wired solutions to gather data from the field. We can also bring data in from any brand of field device you like or already have deployed in the field. 

Tank Levels

Single Level & Dual Level Float Sticks, Radar, & Hydrostatic Sensors

Power Monitoring

Easy to deploy power outage monitoring

Pressure Monitoring

All ranges of pressure are available to measure injection wells, pumps, process lines, & more.

Status Monitoring

Monitor the "Running" and "OFF" status of any asset.

Flow Monitoring

Monitoring of ABB G2 - G5 TotaFlows. Monitor liquid lines with ultrasonic flow, turbine flow, magnetic flow & more.


Easily control pumps, valves, or even adjust VFD paramaters from our app and/or through local logic.

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