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H2S - Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzers

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Southland Sensing precision electrochemical hydrogen sulfide analyzers offer a cost-effective and user-friendly design packed full of features. H2S is typically measured in natural gas extraction, pipelines and processing; landfill gas monitoring, biogas both before and after the H2S scrubber, and many other industrial applications.


Southland Sensing is the only process analyzer OEM that creates fully repairable analyzers. You can repair any analyzer in minutes, and do a complete hardware swap in less than 30min. This eliminates downtime and reduces overall cost of ownership. 

Pipeline Mount H2S Analyzers

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  • Online H2S Analyzer

  • Class1 Div1

  • Model: H2S-725

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  • Online H2S Analyzer

  • Class1 Div2

  • Model: H2S-150-NG

Portable H2S Analyzers

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 1.31.52 PM.png
  • Portable Oxygen Analyzer

  • Integrated Sampling Pump

  • Model: H2S-780

Retro Fit.PNG

Custom Process Analyzers:​ H2S & O2

  • Custom configurations to optimize space, reuse old enclosures, optimize sample systems. 

  • Any configuration or combination we can do it! 

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