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Oxygen Analyzers

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Southland Sensing Ltd. produces and packages a wide range of process analyzers, transmitters, and portable meters for trace, percent, and purity oxygen analysis. Our analyzers are outfitted with a comprehensive electronics package including color displays, USB flash drives, and other advanced features.


-   H2S analyzers

-  oxygen analyzers

-  oxygen sensors

-  ISG


water tank level indicator

Pipeline Mount Analyzers

O2 Analyzer.png
  • Online Oxygen Analyzer

  • Class1 Div1

  • Model: OMD-625

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  • Online Oxygen Analyzer

  • Class1 Div2

  • Model: OMD-150-NG


Southland Sensing is the only process analyzer OEM that creates fully repairable oxygen analyzers and H2S analyzers. You can repair any analyzer in minutes, and do a complete hardware swap in less than 30min. This eliminates downtime and reduces the overall cost of ownership. 

Portable Oxygen Analyzers

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O2 Eco-Portable.png
  • Portable Oxygen Analyzer

  • Integrated Sampling Pump

  • Model: OMD-640

  • Portable Oxygen Analyzer

  • Model: OMD-580

Retro Fit.PNG

Custom Process Analyzers:​ H2S & O2

  • Custom configurations to optimize space, reuse old enclosures, optimize sample systems. 

  • Custom analyzers come at NO EXTRA COST. 

  • Any configuration or combination we can do it! 

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