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Sample System Design & Phase Diagrams

Analyze the best representative sample of your process gas through phase diagram analysis. 

Many companies suffer from poor sample conditioning practices which leads to constant maintenance on analyzers, incorrect representations of your fluid, and possible damage to other existing process equipment, instrumentation and filtration.  


ISG will create a phase diagram based on your gas composition and suggest/design a sample system that will condition your sample properly and pull the best representative sample possible.

What we need from you:​

  • Composition (MOL % data sheet)

  • Possible Contaminants  

  • Process Pipe Pressure

  • Process Pipe Temperature 

  • Analyzer flow rate range​ (typically 0-30psi)


Gather this information, contact us below, or book a call or in-person appointment!


PT Phase Diagram.PNG

- H2S analyzers

- oxygen analyzers

- oxygen sensors

- emerson

total flow


genie a+

mustang sampling

united filtration systems


sample system

process analyzers

gas chromatography


natural gas 

gas pipeline


- abb



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