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 Well Site Pumping,  Alarms & Monitoring

If you've got a well, we have a bell for it.

What is Well Bell?

Well Bell is an oil & gas site pumping, alarms & monitoring system that is unlike any other monitoring system because of its technological advances and affordable pricing. Our vision is to become the most simple, affordable, and easy to deploy monitoring solution in the oil patch.


We are excited to announce the launch of our new dashboard coming at the end of Sept 2021! With the new Well Bell dashboard pumpers will be able to gauge every single lease and much more starting at only $10/month.


Operators can also add Well Bell alarms & monitoring systems to their sites seamlessly. The most popular equipment we provide are tank levels, pressure measurements, and pump-off controllers.

tank level indicator

tank level monitor

tank level gauge

oil tank gauge

oil tank level

oil tank monitor





well keeper




water level tank monitor

water tank level indicator

Well Bell Dashboard  available end of Sept. 2021

Pumper Gauging

Pumpers can use the app to gauge monitored & non-monitored sites. Gauge data will be organized neatly and easily accessible for review. 

Graphed Data

See your data plotted in a graph view to help visualize events happening on each lease. 

SMS Smart Alarms

Receive SMS smart alarms from your field monitoring equipment. Smart alarms provide more in-depth information about the alert than a normal SMS alarm.

Alarm Tree

Alarm trees are used to notify pumpers in your desired order. If an alarm notification is not accepted Well Bell will notify the next pumper in line.

Morning Gauge's

Recieve daily morning gauges of your monitoring equipment in the app or via SMS txt. Morning gauge reports will give you a quick snapshot of what things currently look like in the field.


Easily transfer any of the production data from the Well Bell dashboard to any other software via API. 

Dashboard Release Updates

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Alarms & Monitoring Equipment - available now!

Monitoring Equipment

  • Tank Level - Single Float 0-30ft

  • Tank Level - Dual Float 0-30ft

  • High Switches

  • Pressure

  • Pump Off Controller

  • Temperature

  • Disposal Well Lane Controllers

  • Dongle - convert from any provider to Well Bell

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How often does the equipment check in to the cloud?

Check-in's can occur on any set schedule you desire. Our standard check in time is currently every 15min.

Do I need to buy equipment to use the dashboard

No our dashboard can be used without the purchase of equipment. Our alarms/monitoring systems can be added at any time in the future.

Is there an Alarm Tree available?

Yes. You can add up to 5 users on the alarm tree per lease. The alarm tree allows users recieve alarms in a specific order. If a user does not acknowledge the alarm then the alarm notification will go on to the next user.

Do I need power at my site to use Well Bell?

No, you do not need power on site to use a well bell system. However, if you do have power it can be benefical when setting up a larger system.

What is a dongle?

Our dongle product is an I/O module that can reroute data from your existing system into our Dashboard. This will lower your monthly costs, and also software cost. Our plans start at only $10/month for data and software usage.