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Oxygen Replacement Sensors

Replacement oxygen sensors for AMI, AII, Teledyne, and GE Panametrics analyzers. Our replacement sensors cost 15-40% less. If you do not see your brand below contact us and we can manufacture a direct replacement!


Step 1 - Choose Your Brand

- compare our prices to your current sensor price. 

Step 2 - Choose Your Sensor

Step 3 - Purchase

Suffering from short sensor life?...replacing sensors too often?

Poor sensor life is most commonly caused by poor sample conditioning. ISG can identify your problem with our FREE phase diagram analysis, and expertise. By creating a phase diagram of your gas sample we can pinpoint exactly what and where your problem is and propose a solution. 

What you will need to provide:​

  • Sampling setup from the tip of the probe to the sample inlet of the analyzer

  • Gas Composition ( mol % data sheet )

  • Contaminants Present 

  • Source Pressure

  • Source Temperature 

  • Analyzer flow rate range

Gather this information and contact us via phone, email, or book an in-person appointment with one of our application engineers!

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teledyne oxygen sensor

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