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Replacement Oxygen Sensors

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Southland Sensing Ltd. offers an extensive line of high quality, USA manufactured, precision electrochemical micro-fuel cell oxygen sensors. These sensors are offered in a wide range of configurations with analysis from 0.001 PPM up to 100.0% oxygen. We can manufacturer direct replacements for any analyzer.

Common Replacements Sensors Manufactured

- Advanced Micro Instruments (AMI)

- Panametrics (GE/Baker Hughes)

- Advanced Instruments / Analytical Industries (AII)

- Teledyne Analytical Industries

- IT Gambert

- Maxtec

Suffering from short sensor life?

In midstream applications short sensor life is most commonly caused by poor sample conditioning. Easily identify your problem with phase diagram analysis. By creating a phase diagram of your gas sample we can pinpoint where your problem is and propose a solution. 

What we need​

1. Sampling bill of materials from process pipe to analyzer

2. Gas Composition ( mol % data sheet )

3. Contaminants Present 

4. Source Pressure

5. Source Temperature 

6. Analyzer flow rate range

Contact us with this information and get a phase diagram analysis today!

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