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Remote Tank Monitoring

Trinity Liquid-Logix Radar

Try our newest tank monitor Liquid-Logix is designed for all of your remote tank monitoring needs. Liquid-Logix allows you to measure any tank medium up to 25ft tall with 1/4" accuracy! These tank monitors are battery operated lasting up to 10 years reporting once a day. They stay connected via cellular and are certified for class 1 division 1 hazardous areas groups C & D.  This radar can be used as a remote oil tank monitor, remote water tank monitor, chemical tank monitor, dyke level monitor or in any other tank level monitoring application.

Pair Liquid-Logix with our oil and gas SCADA system "Trinity O&G" to get auto calculated daily production and site performance from a company wide, area wide, and individual lease perspective.

Starting at only $35/month

More Tank Monitoring Tech

Continuous Float Level Transmitters

Float level transmitters are ideal for precise and reliable measurement of liquid levels in tanks. Single level variants monitor one liquid, while the dual level can track two liquids in the same tank. They are best used in oil and gas tanks for applications requiring continuous monitoring, ensuring efficient management of tank resources and preventing overfilling. Ask about our API 18.2 custody transfer approved options. 

Hydrostatic Level

Hydrostatic transmitters are used to measure liquid level based on the pressure exerted by the liquid at a certain depth. They are less expensive than float or radar transmitters and less accurate. They are however ideal for water tanks and are a very reliable method in spill prevention. Customers who prevent even one spill will pay for the monitor in full. It is a no brainer choice when it comes to spill prevention.

Radar & Guided Wave Level Transmitters

Radar transmitters use advanced, non-contact radar technology for highly accurate liquid level measurement, not affected by environmental influences like temperature or pressure. They are ideal for both remote oil and water tanks, and the non-contact technology virtually eliminates needs for maintenance. For measuring oil and water in the same tank, guided wave radar is the optimal choice.

Point Level Switching

Point level transmitters are designed to detect specific preset levels of liquid within a tank. They are used in the oil and gas sector to provide alerts for critical high or low levels, ensuring safety and operational efficiency. Point level transmitters are ideal for overflow prevention and pump protection in storage and processing tanks. Common methods are floats, radar, vibration, and capacitance switches.

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